Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission statement lies at the heart of all of our school activities. Throughout the School we aim to establish the foundations for lifelong learning. On these firm foundations we can build an enriched school experience which assists our children to take full advantage of all of their talents.

How we develop individual talents
We aim to:
Respond to our pupils’ individual learning styles
Focus on skills-based teaching
Provide good staffing ratios
Celebrate individuality and diversity
Equip pupils to be independent learners
Deliver strong support teaching
Develop the skills of our staff

How we nurture respect for self and for others
We aim to:
Inspire Religious Values
Teach life skills
Promote good citizenship
Foster a sense of developing responsibility
Provide pupil mentoring
Instil self confidence
Value learning for life
Provide strong pastoral care
Encourage team work and co-operation

How we provide an enriched learning experience
We aim to:
Value the creative and cultural arts
Guarantee a broad curriculum
Offer an extensive extra-curricular programme
Celebrate individuality and diversity
Develop constantly our resources and facilities
Organise a stimulating programme of visits
Promote a school-parent partnership

Being a school for the future
We aim to:
Exploit new technologies
Confront the challenges of the changing world
Enable pupils to be adaptable
Equip staff with a relevant training programme
Develop links with the wider community
Provide preparation for higher education and life beyond school
Prepare pupils for the challenges of our society